My Passport 4TB USB - Can I install Acronis?

Hi All,
I just received this 4TB unit as a present and from what I been reading, it is not possible to make a complete image backup of my system drive, correct?

As I been reading trough many of the HELP links I recall someplace that alink was listed to download Acronis software that in turn would allow this option… I think it may have been for a different model?

I was hoping that I can make such a backup in case my hard drive fails. Can anyone give me some suggestion what my options are?
Hobo :upside_down_face:


The WD Backup software will NOt include everything on your PC drives. If you have it, open WD Backup and click the Help tab in the lower left corner. There is a list of all TYPES of files not copied.

The Acronis software is available; see Downloads. There is a list showing Passport models as supported. You might also want to check the Release Notes before you download it.

But remember, you can use WD Backup for most of your files and it is automatic at your schedule and including your needs. Also, Windows Recovery will handle most of your system image files and recent additions. Best if on a disk.


Thank you Clifford for getting back to me. I do see the files that are NOT backed up.
May I ask a couplemore questions here or maybethey need adressing elsewhere?

  1. How can I delete prior backups and start over?
  2. After that I want to select just files and folders for backup.
  3. If I copy these folders will they all be secured ?

Thanks again