OS5 rollout so poor and destructive, I'm switching brands to Synology after much research

I have a WDPR4100 32 TB which I use as a home/office server, backup laptop server and DLNA media server. It is currently running RAID 5 config so only 24TB is usable. It was working fine until the OS5 upgrade, now I’m plagued with different configuration problems and issues. Although it’s not an issue for me, remote configuration is no longer possible with OS5 and is a huge problem for admins from what is stated and printed in red you must be on the same network locally to make changes. As I understand it remote configuration is not possible at this time. Obviously WD knows they’ve screwed this release completely when in red it states “no you cannot go back to OS3” The only real upgrade I see is an improvement in the mycloud.com and mobile apps for iOS. WD has done such a disservice, I’m moving away from this God awful company. This is not the first time they have done such a poor job, but an ongoing consistent theme. My solution is to switch brands to Snynoloy.com. Same price point, much better reviews and also available at most retailers. Better customer support too from what I understand. The advantage to Synology, if you like the reliability of WD drives, you can still use them. Snyology focuses on the NAS enclosure and software. You can use drives from Seagate, Toshiba and other brands if you prefer. WD needs to get out of the NAS enclosure business, not sorry, but they are terrible. Get back to what you do well, making reliable HDD drives. Moving on.


If time is money and getting up to speed on new hardware will cause production problems -
then just get a new/replacement unit with the old os3 firmware and move over the disk drives.

The security problems must have been real bad to push the update with so little public beta testing.

and I use Iron wolf drive already on some of my WD nas units.

I don’t use remote control/backups but the loss of that ( without a soon software fix ) will cause me problems down the road.

make sure youe next hardware makes raid disks that are readable via a standard computer system ( ie windows/Unix )

  1. With a little creativity; you can roll back these units to OS/3. Instructions were provided in one of the “Transmission” threads. (instructions not endorsed by WD)

  2. OS/3 had many security issues. It needed to go. (the question of “was OS/5 ready” is a separate issue)

  3. Latest firmware. . . 5.06.whatever. . .supposedly allows for access to the web UI from a different subnet? When I VPN to my home network, the remote PC is assigned an IP in a different subnet to the NAS. The earlier firmwares did not allow access from different subnets. To me that means that I can now VPN into my home network and reach the web UI. How were you reaching it before?? Surely. . you weren’t expecting to reach the WeUI from the app?

Not sure about SSH access. . . .not played with that over a remote connection.

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I’ll admit I’m not confident of following instructions to downgrade (upgrade?) from OS5 to OS3. Would someone be kind enough to upload a step-by-step video and share a link please. Will switch to OS3 and then use this as a backup NAS while I move my work to a capable and reliable Synology/QNAP.

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