Any recommendation for a non-WD NAS? (I will never buy WD again)

This OS3 issue is really serious and the way WD is dealing with the users is simply unacceptable. The product has a MAJOR security flaw and their solution is: “sorry, you have to buy another one from us”.

I will never buy WD again. Any recommendation for a non-WD NAS, home cloud, 4-6TB?

How serious the “OS3 issue” really is depends on if you use the remote access features ( portal or the My Cloud mobile apps). If you don’t use remote access, or have disable remote access, the OS3 device will continue to operate just as it does now for local network access. There are various other methods of remote access from insecure FTP to VPN one can setup themselves once WD cuts off the remote access feature that goes through their servers.

The reality is, regardless of the NAS manufacturer, if you do not need remote access to the device then disable/block all broadband access to that device at the network firewall. That significantly reduces, but does not eliminate, the risk of the WD My Cloud being compromised through unpatched security vulnerabilities.

There are various other NAS manufacturers out there from really cheap to expensive. Synology and QNAP are two popular (but typically more expensive) NAS brands out there. Or one can go the “build their own NAS” route using free or paid NAS OS software. Various DIY articles on how to build your own NAS out there on the internet that range from using low end hardware like SoC devices (Raspberry Pi, etc.), to using old PC’s, to dedicated rack NAS systems.

Strongly agree with this.

WD Nas’s are built around internet connectivity. . .and if you look, I think you will find a number of open ports. OS/3 is “bad”. . .and the OS/5 is “improved” - – the only way to be highly secure is to BLOCK these devices AT THE ROUTER. In my network. . . I run a dedicated network for the NAS, and there is no WAN on that network.

So if you want a NAS with internet access - - -the options Bennor noted are the way to go. Yes. . .it costs more. . .but I can point to things you get for that money. (It’s not the software. . .there are also notable hardware differences)

Guys, thanks for your input.

From an IT perspective, 100% agree.
But I think you are missing my point: WD My Cloud is a end user product, that was sold promising a bunch of features to the average Joe, including remote access - and yes, I did use remote access from their own app, especially the phone photo backup feature. Oh yeah, btw, WD provided the app to access the device remotely, the same app that was shut down due to their product’s flaw.

Think as a car recall: you buy a brand new car and a couple of years later the manufacturer tells you that there is a critical issue with the airbag and the solution is: sorry, buy a new car from us or go away and build your own airbag.

I hope this clarifies my rant against WD.

Trying to compare a car’s airbag to a NAS is a very big apples to oranges comparison. When there is a car part recall it is usually due to a manufacturing defect. In the case of airbags being recalled (been there and done that) they are done so because if it fails to operate properly due to defect you can be severely injured or even die. If my My Cloud’s OS3 remote access fails to operate I generally don’t get injured or die.

WD has laid out the guidelines of how long they’ll support their products, both via the warranty when you purchase it, the firmware, and the remote access methods that rely on WD back end servers or WD apps/software. Generally the various devices that cannot be updated to OS5 are at End of Software Support. In the case of the single bay first gen (v3.x/v4.x) My Cloud the device has been end of support for a couple of years now (roughly since 2019).

Western Digital Product Lifecycle Support Policy

WD Product Software Support Status

Support for your My Cloud and WD Cloud device is changing

This is no way a defense of WD as they’ve made a number of moves/decisions over the years that cause issues with My Cloud devices. Most manufacturers eventually end support for their discontinued products. Its a fact of life. Such end of support, with respect to computer products, may include certain features may stop functioning, particularly when those feature relies on specific web servers or mobile apps from the manufacturer.

Synology and QNAP are the most likely contenders. Can’t speak to QNAP but Synology don’t “EOL” their products in terms of system firmware/security upgrades and remote connectivity. You can still install the latest OS on their 10 year old NAS boxes. Of course, eventually, the old hardware will be too slow to do much of anything, but the decision to replace or tolerate will be yours, not the manufacturers.

Thanks a lot! I will check them out.

Y ¿estas empresas tienen compromiso con el medio ambiente??? Fabricar productos para que no funcionen en poco tiempo y que vuelvan a comprar más… Decepcionante…¿¿¿Por qué no nos avisan cuando vamos a comprar que su producto solo funcionará un tiempo corto??? Vergonzoso… No volveré a comprar WD, y haré lo posible para que se entere mucha gente… Comparar un disco duro con las piezas de un coche!!! El recurso de quién sabe que está engañando a la clientela.

Per the previously posted WD link your OS3 My Cloud will continue to operate on the local network and be accessible on the local network (via Windows File Explorer, Mac Finder, other file manager apps, mobile iOS/Android file manager apps, etc).

Q: Will my device stop working if I can’t upgrade to My Cloud OS 5? Will I lose access to my data?
A: Once the services have been shut down, you will still be able to access the device on a local network. However, access through the My Cloud OS 3 mobile app or web app will not be possible. Email notifications also won’t be delivered. Devices that have auto-update enabled will receive a final firmware update to disable remote access and outbound traffic to cloud services. Then, support will end and you’ll have to use the local network to access the device.

Respuesta tonta a una pregunta tonta. Pero yo no he hecho ninguna pregunta. Yo solo afirmó que: para qué me inducen a comprar un producto que no sirve para lo que está diseñado. Me están ENGAÑANDO!!! NO VOLVERÉ A COMPRAR NINGUN PRODUCTO DE WD!!! son unos tramposos. Venden cosas inútiles en poco tiempo.
Para un disco local me habría comprado otra cosa. Y no me habría gastado el dinero en un disco de red INUTIL.