OS5 can't access to dashboard

Hello everyone

I have recently updated the MyCloud single bay to OS 5 and worked fine for a few days.

After a power loss I was not able to access to it neither from PC nor mobile app. I tried to access the dashboard and it was not possible: the page doesn’t load (by the IP number in my case or by clicking “view device webpage”)

I made a 4 second reset and a 40 second reset with no success.
The blue light is steady (“idle”) and I can see the device in the windows 10 network.

So following some suggestions I installed 2 other web browsers, disabled firewall, antivirus, etc. in 2 different computers and also tried with a cellphone and still can’t get access to dashboard to reconfigure it.

I also went through My Cloud but when I click on my device the page is not reachable…

since nothing happens when I plug it directly to my computer through an ethernet cable I think the problem comes with the OS5 (the only change in the WD cloud) so a solution might be “restore” the original OS with a pendrive as I read in one thread but I would like do something else before that.


  • Power outlet is working fine and it’s the original cable.
  • I also changed the ethernet cable just in case.
  • SMB 1.0 features are installed.

I know the device is ok and the data is ok, but since I performed a 40 second reset I need to reconfigure everything through the dashboard.

Thanks in advance

Use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, to find a number of similar past discussions about not being able to access the My Cloud Dashboard. In some cases the issue is related to the My Cloud Indexing feature that ties up the unit while indexing. Performing a reboot or a reset may possibly restart the indexing procedure continuing to tie up the My Cloud. The suggested workaround is to leave the My Cloud alone and let it complete it’s indexing. The other suggestion is if one can temporarily gain access to the My Cloud Dashboard is to disable Cloud Access and see if the indexing issue goes away.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I have been reading a lot in the past few weeks… I thought the indexing process had something to do but when I first upgraded to OS5 it took about 10hs to finish indexing, and now I left the cloud without any action for more than 3 days… so the indexing process should have been completed in that time.

Today in the afternoon I will try to make a 40 second reset plugged directly to the computer hoping that changes something… If I have a positive result I will let you know since I read a lot of people having similar issues after the upgrade and I will try not to downgrade to OS3as some thread suggested.

Thanks a lot again!

Update to the post:
Yesterday I tested to make a 40 second reset with direct connection to a computer. The computer detected the device though network but not able to access the dashboard. The My cloud had steady green lights but the front blue one was blinking fast.

Today in the morning the blue light was still blinking but the rear ethernet light was orange and the computer was not able to “see” anymore the device.

Now I’ve just disconnected the device from the power outlet and re connected it. Within seconds the device was recognized by the computer, the blue light is steady and the green ethernet light blinking (everything normal). Anyway I can NOT access to the dashboard (now is

I have Windows defender firewall off, Antivirus disabled and testing in Chrome, Firefox and Edge with same result.

Finally solved!

After more than a month and several attemps I was finally able to access the dashboard and reconfigure everything.


  1. Left the device unplugged from power during the night

  2. Re-plug it with a 40 second reset

  3. Try to open the dashboard almost inmediatly after (less than 10 minutes from power on) from windows network>open device webpage (just to get the right IP number in case it changed)

  4. I allowed all the remote access features, create users, etc with no trouble at all.

Although I did this exact same process several times before somehow this time worked.
Anyway I think in the meanwhile some change to the firmware or bug correction happened automatically since as soon I press enter to the IP number the page redirects to a new one:

https://device-local-751c25a9-4dae-49 etc etc etc… something never happened before

The only thing I noticed is that when trying to make a mirror copy of the cloud to the notebook with freefilesync (as I did with OS3) the my cloud gets disconnected from the network and not accessible from any device. So I migrated to GoodSync (the WD supported sync app) and also happened a few times with the only solution available is to unplug the device (now everything is working smooth and reconnects in less than 5 minutes. Quote: I started copying manually through windows explorer until it happened again in a particular file, I think it might be corrupted so I deleted it from the WD Mycloud and now it seems to work ok.

Final comments, the WD support service is completely useless… The reply like a bot never understanding the real situation or tests you have already done.

Hope this doesn’t happen again and if so, stay calm and keep trying, your data is ok.