OS5: Cannot create folder/file with "uploaded" name

I got OS5 with latest updates and found out that I cannot create folder or with name “uploaded”. While, on my older single bay My Cloud it works perfectly fine.

I am getting following error when I try to rename a folder with new name as “uploaded” on Windows 10:

Is there any restrictions on names of files/folders in OS5? Can WD provide a list of all names that are not allowed?

Also, explain why such common names are restricted? This is since, I am using a software which creates a folder with name “uploaded” and thus cannot use it with WD NAS because of this issue.

This has nothing to do with OS5. This issue was already in 2014.

“Uploaded” is a reserved name.

You can use “_Uploaded” for example.

Thanks for the response. I can create folder name “uploaded” in my older My Cloud (WDMyCloud v04.05.00-342) just fine though.

I cant just use different name since its one software that is creating the folder and failing. This means not being able to use WD with the software for storage.

@Shreyas the firmware v04 on the Single Bay My Cloud is different than the firmware on 2.x and 5.x My Cloud devices. However, in My Cloud OS 5, you could try creating the folder using MyCloud.com. Not sure if your software will have any issues but the folder gets created using REST-SDK.

Thanks for the response. I tried this with MyCloud.com and was able to create folder with name “uploaded” but then the folder does not show up in SMB share so its of no use.

Best is that WD update the code to not use special names or keywords in file paths. I know this is possible to do.