Cannot create folder named 'uploaded'

I use this device for backup, so I copy files from a server to it. There are folders in the server named ‘uploaded’, and I get error messages when copying them.

After some testing, I realized that I cannot create a folder named ‘uploaded’ in device. Please view this video.

It’s $#^!@#$^@#$% frustrating that a storage device will have this $#$^@$%#% limitation.

Anyone else experience this? Or have encountered it and have fix?

I don’t think it’s practical for me to rename all ‘uploaded’ folders in my server just to conform with this #@$^$%!#$ device.

Sorry for the rant, but this is supposed to be for securing my files, and it’s not a cheap NAS either (btw, I have 4 of these ‘cheaper’ NAS and have not experienced any problems whatsoever).

I found this thread:

The reply was

This was 7 months ago.

How can they reserve a name that can be so commonly used?! And where is the fix? And what other folder names are reserved?

Just an update. Apparently you also cannot use ‘p2p’ as a folder name also.

Can any of the admins or moderators or whoever is in charge of this product at least give a list of what names we cannot use for folders?