OS5 - Blinking Blue Light - Data Recovery

I had bought a Mycloud device in 2017 in India I had upgraded to OS5 and it was working fine. Suddenly it stopped working and I could see it connected to the personal network). The front blue liht has been blinking fast and I had left it for almost 3 days. I called the support center and they could not help since there was no waranty. I gave the appliance for recovering the data to a local data recovery team and they claim that the head assembly has gone bad. They say that a replacement drive would cost almost 400 dollars (in Indian ruppes). Is there any way I can get the data out cheaper

If the disk is good, can I buy an diskless station and put these disks and will be able to access the same

Hi @GanesanSundar,

My Cloud: Blinking Blue Drive LED:My Cloud: Blinking Blue Drive LED

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting: