OS5 and Twonky Server - Internal Error

Hi All
I have had an EX2 Ultra 20TB for about 9 months. All was fine until I updated it to OS5. Immediately I did, I started getting problems. To such an extent that I regret doing the upgrade.
Firstly, the Indexing took a week to complete which saw high CPU and Memory usage. Then the Twonky Server disconnected. I then reinstalled it and got an error. Then, I had to swap to the Plex Server so that I could access home video’s on my network. Plex now randomly disconnects then when you try to go through the various folders it throws an error stating ‘Network Error’

Really not impressed!

@PBJM.UK Can you confirm if your device is already on 5.08.115?

If you are on 5.08.115 please share your device Logs thru the private message.

If not I would recommend to update the firmware to 5.08.115 and double check it.