My Cloud Ex2 Ultra & Plex

My Cloud Ex2 Ultra has just received an automatic firmware update to 5.07.118. Since the update I can no longer use plex remotely, I receive an error stating my server is no longer powerful enough to decode media. I notice that my RAM usage is now at 60% with nothing running and only the Plex app installed. Any advise how to remedy this or downgrade my firmware. OS3 seemed much better, I’m not happy with OS5 performance wise.


You can contact WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support:

Thanks, I have but I’m getting nowhere! I don’t think the person I’m talking to understands my problem. So far I’ve been told how to turn Plex on and off and also how to trouble shoot not being able to connect to plex… I am connected to plex just fine and turning it off is not going to help my problem.

@bearairways Are you getting this message from Plex App or some other message? If yes, the issue is Plex doing the transcoding and is saying the EX2 Ultra doesn’t have enough CPU or Upload speeds doesn’t have enough bandwidth. You can disable Plex transcoding but playback and viewing will not be the same as before. This is un-related to OS 5 itself.

Yes, this is the message from my apple device. Android just says error unable to play. I notice my RAM usage is sitting at 63% with nothing running. I can use plex with no issues using the same WiFi.

Phil Joyce

Thank you for your help, this seems to have worked. I will ask Plex what has changed from their end, I never had this issue in the past.