OS 5 update and remote backup

I have a My Cloud EX2Ultra in my office at work. It was a pain to set up but I got it to back up every night to an EX2Ultra in my home in case anything was to happen (fire etc.) at work. This feature is one of the things I bought this model for. It has worked well for almost 4 years now!
I don’t even remember how I set it up but I’m dreading having to do it again. My question, will upgrading the OS to 5 from 3 obliterate those settings? Will I have to go through setting this all up again? Is there anyway to save the settings before the update and then upload them to the new OS?
What can I do to make this move as painless as possible?

That doesn’t solve the problem and booze is seldom the answer to anything.
Nothing intelligent to offer?

Sure looked like the “asshat” was you. I asked a simple question, is the OS update like a Windows update where your settings are saved or not. You decided to play Seinfeld. You weren’t funny BTW.

I didn’t see that you answered every line individually. Not good form. The last line was all I saw and wasn’t technically helpful. A simple paragraph that said “You will be starting fresh and reprogramming everything” would have been much more helpful.
Thanks for answering.

I have been searching. I see nothing yet but thank you, I will look further. I didn’t need an app the first time, used SSH and set it up myself. I’ll figure it out. Would have been easier and less of a mess if you had simply said that in the first place. I thought these forums were about helping and being helpful. I have been in the past and was looking for help this time. My bad.

I didn’t have an attitude, I missed the unorthodox multilayered answer and only saw what I considered a snarky comment. I apologize. I have been reading a ton on the issue and see people with 20 years of IT having difficulties.
It’s nice that you figured it all out and a pity that you chose to suggest drinking rather than offer what you know. I’m in AA so took offense to the “joke”. Sorry you read that as an attitude.
Be well. I won’t trouble you any further.

Thank you for understanding and letting me know my half bald head will go to 1/4 as I pull out a few more hairs working from scratch. I did it once, I ought to be able to do it again.
I’m looking but do you know if they fixed the remote dashboard access issue I’m reading about?

Thank you for all your input. I guess, just as with Windows11, I’ll put it off as long as I can.
Enjoy your weekend and Happy Holidays.