Opinions about the WD30EZRX Caviar Green 3 Tb hard drive?

I need to buy two 3 Tb hard drives for file and media storage. I’ll use the new hard drives for backup all my important files. In my country is only available the WD30EZRX in the 3 Tb segment, I dont have access to others 3 Tb models here. Im almost decided for the WD30EZRX but I have read some bad things about the Caviar Green line. I know about the idle thing that forces the hard drive to park after 8 secs. What about that for the WD30EZRX? this hard drive has the same problems of the others Caviar Green models or not? Do you recommend this hard drive? Should I buy it to backup important files considering that the most important factor for me is reliability? Actually I have four 1 Tb Caviar Blacks and they are working flawless. Im looking into the Green because I need big size hard drives.

Thanks for the information.

Hi, I have a 2TB Caviar Green, bough it 6 month ago, no problems here and I’m really satisfied with the performance.

Hey Alucard, thank you. What about your S.M.A.R.T. stats? can you please post them? I have read that the load/unload cycle count for the Caviar Greens is very high due to the 8 sec parking thing. For that reason, WD launched an application to change that value in the Caviar Green line. I need to know if this problem affect to the WD30EZRX too and if I can change the park value for this model. Thanks for the information.

IMO, after 6 months of continuous problems my advice is: avoid! The disks *silently* and intermittently corrupt data (so you might copy a broken file, and then the next copy will be fine, but you’ll never know which one’s which. Of 8 I had - from various suppliers, so it is not just one batch - 4 broke and had been RMAed. It is just one big headache. SMART says ‘all clear’, disk says ‘all clear’, and you get corrupted sector. Then it turns out the disk knew something was amiss - MZER has increased - but just forgot to tell you that. If you feel adventurous and have nice big warehouse for backups - sure, go ahead. But punch-cards might be a bit more reliable.