Did WD actualy test any of the Green Caviar line before releasing? WD10EAVS / WD15EADS

I’m here as I’ve had problems with ALL 4  WD Green Caviar drives I’ve bought this year.   2 were bought as internal drives, 2 as external USB HDDs.

We bought 2 “Phanton” external 1TB drives around 8 moths ago, both turned out to be containing 1TB Western Digital Green Caviars  WD10EAVS

One of them has recently failed catastrophically with exactly the same symptoms of freezing whicheve PC its plugged into.  Even data recovery boot disks won’t see it.

The other has strated failing randomly on files copies and freezing up.

We’ve also just bought 2x 1.5TB Green Caviars WD15EADS to be used as in a RAID1 mirrored array for a customer’s new server.  Having given up on the nVidia RAID being able to recognise them, 1 started failing with SMART errors.  So I destroyed the array, withthe intention of just using the remainder as a plain old Vanilla hard drive, but now Windows  SBS2008 can’t even see that.

So that’s 4 Green Caviar hard drives we’ve bought this year, and each one appears to be junk.

I’m not expecting a response from WD, but to say I’m disgusted at this line as a product wouldn’t be far from the truth.

And I’m not sure what’s Green about a drive you’re guaranteed to have to replace after less than a year’s use.

Read my message on the 3rd of March 2010, bad product