Use WD Carvar Green in PVR

Does anyone have any experience using a WD Caviar Green 1TB as a PVR expansion drive?   The sales person at my retail store said some people had issues, however I haven’t  been able to find much info on this.  I would prefer using the Caviar Green over the Black as is it will run cooler and consume less power, however I am concerned about potential problems when is spins down.  My PVR is a SA 8300 HD.


I’d stick with a model recommended for your application.

WD AV Green

Good suggestion, that was my first choice but unfortunately I can’t find any of the AV drives in stock anywhere and was wondering if the Caviar Green would do the job.  Unless someone has some experience I guess I will hold off until the AV’s become available


Non Green:

You are probably lookng for something larger, yes?

Thanx,   I didn’t see this before.  I think I will try the 1 TB drive green drive ‘wd10evds’.