Open same file, different user

Hi to all, is there any chance to block access to a user that tries to open the same file im working with?
For example:
User A open and works on an excel file and user B tries to open it at the same time. I want the file to have an online edit and not a copy of it.

Any ideas

Hi @Iraklis1,

Cloud Access can only be enabled when the User has a minimum of READ ONLY access to a share.
If the user belongs to a Group, the Group must also have a minimum of READ ONLY access to a share the User has access to.

  1. Login to the AdminUI as the user ‘admin’ and click the User tab.

  2. Ensure the user has a minimum of READ ONLY to at least one share (READ/WRITE = recommended).

  3. Click Groups and ensure if the User is a member of a Group, the Group has a minimum of READ ONLY (READ/WRITE = recommended) access to the share the User has access to or remove the User from the Group.

If further assistance is needed, please open a case with our support team at the following:

Thank you for your answer but probably i didnt explained well becase of my bad english. I will make you an examble for you.
I need to know if there is a way to get a popup message if i, as user A, try to open a file, while is already opened from user B, that this file cant open because another user is working on it.


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