Set file is already open as multiple user try to open it

need help please. can i set file to prompt “file is Already Open and Can Only Have One User at a Time”

Here is the case:

 I am using my cloud personal storage for a small company. We are using it to share documents and files. most of these files are mostly in excel spreadsheet or microsoft office words.

So what I need is to set these files only can be open by one user at a time. Is there a way I can set that?

It’s because I don’t want users to open up the same file and later perform editing at  the same time as this would have caused alot of trouble.


This particular setting is not available at the moment.

You can control the number of users that can access the drive and the files they can see. However, if an user has full access to a file he will be able to change or edit . 

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Thanks John 012,

I was wondering if I could programmed a specific code using notepad to each folder to make it happen.:smileyvery-happy: