Online Backup of ShareSpace?


I am new to the ShareSpace, and any NAS for that matter.  I would like to use an online backup service (cloud) to backup my ShareSpace so that I have a backup of everything in case there was a fire or if the ShareSpace had a complete failure. 

I have looked thru the messages on this board, I have look around at some online backup services but I am not entirely clear 1) if many of the services would actually work to backup a NAS vs my home computer and 2) what the best approach to do this is.  Ease of use is my biggest concern.

Thanks for any help, sorry if this was posted somewhere and I didn’t find it.

Hi there,

I haven’t done this myself, but here are some initial thoughts:

Unlike other NAS, you can’t install new software on the Sharespace (e.g. a backup software).

However, if you find an online service that can actively pull the data off an NFS drive and keep a synchronized copy of it, you might be in luck. Sharespace does support NFS so you could mount it to the online storage and tell the service to keep a synchronized copy of everything.

That might work.

Another thing you might want to explore is the compatibility of online storage providers with MioNet because Sharespace has a Mionet server built in so you can access your files over the internet. I have never seen a service that can pull data that way, but you never know.

Of course, there are also the more obvious yet less convenient solutions involving Subversion or a sync software on your pc or a vServer between your NAS and the Online Storage. But I think trying to find an online storage provider that can actively pull data should be your first step.

Again: I have never done any of this before so there are likely more and better options. These are just my 2 cents.