ShareSpace as a web hosting server

I just setup my sharespace this week-end.  I have 2 websites hosted by a third-party company.  I know that the Synology and Qnap NAS servers can do that, but I wondering if the WD drive can?

Did anybody tried a “trick” to make it work?  May be through the “public” drive?  I will love to be able to do it.



That would be great but its not possible.

When you do FTP, all you see is a list of the shares and the files, nothing else. You won’t see the HTML code that allows you to see a web page as it is. Maybe there is a third party software  that can bypass or do a “trick” as you say but if it goes of the wall that third party is the one to turn to for help.

Thanks Pizzamatrix for the info


Thanks for the info.  I appreciate.

I will wait and hope WD comes with something or look for a third party software just in case.


I doubt that ShareSpace’s hardware would be up to the task, especially when tyou consider that mysql is almost mandatory these days when running a webserver.