Back up folders or disc only?

So, I launched the WD ShareSpace today and it is not clear in the manual, can I put in URL Adress just several folders from my PC or do I back up my all PC ?

Will WD recognice only folders/discs that are shared in the network, wright?

thank you for  some infos back

Hi there and welcome to the community.

I honestly don’t got the whole picture of your questions, but you can access the SS from as many computer you like and have them copy the files at once with Windows Backup or the software that comes with the SS (Anywhere backup).

The software that comes with the drive (Anywhere backup) will only copy the local folders from the computer it is running…

so, thank you for your replay.

my problem is that I go not trough the WD software. I set in Downloader the task  for download the url but I couldn’t specify any folders, just th eentire computer. Even after this and setting the schedule for downloading th edownload didn’t start. S, I’m stocked hier.I don’t know whay the downloader doesn’t start the download.

I think maybe  to use another backup program, windows back up or another.

Important will be , that this back up overwrite th e files and not exchange So, I will have also access to early back ups made by the program. Do you know any good solution for this?

and if I use any external program for back up, will the RAID function still available