Nvidia Shield TV, How to see My cloud home

I have the Nvidia Shield TV box and would like to see the content of my My cloud home on that for music and photos, how can I make the drive folders visible on this device?

There are a couple solutions depending on your setup and or requirements.

1) Place content in the Local LAN Public Share for local only access via Windows Samba //mycloud-12345/Public

2) Place content in the User Private Space/Plex Folders, Enable Plex and install Plex app on the Nvidia box

3) Place content in the User Private Space/Plex Folders, Enabled Plex and turn on Plex DLNA

What are the pros and cons of the different methods mentioned above? Specially for sharing photos or videos? I want to see my pictures/videos stores on WD MY Cloud on my Android box

If my photos are already in the public/shared pictures folder on WD My Cloud…can I then use Plex to share them over internet with restricted access to specific sub folders/albums to family members?