Stupidest product ever

I just bought one of these thinking it was the newer version of the WD My Clould. Boy was I wrong. Why would i want a local device that forces me to access it through the cloud? Where is FTP, where are Samba shares? If i wanted cloud only storage i would use Dropbox or some other cloud service which is less likely to fail than a home device like this!

Hello Royce_Lithgo,

WD My cloud home is a different device from our other My Cloud devices. It’s not a upgrade for our old My Cloud devices. It’s specifically designed for home users. It don’t have FTP and it have only two Samba shares of Public folder and Timemachine for backup purposes.

Also, you can not increase the number of samba shares.

Hi, I have an issue which seems to be pertinent to this discussion. I bought an NVIDIA Shield and I am trying to play the contents of the storage on the TV. NO WAY!!! I downloaded KODI and there is no way so far that KODI reads the file in the WD device. Can you help me? Do you have a clue if this is possible at all?
I am screwing up…

thanks for the mini review, I thought this was an upgrade over the regular myCloud. My Mycloud is so old the blue light on the front is barely visible anymore due to sleep mode NEVER working. I just leave it on 24/7 and back it up to a 4tb seagate drive just in case it craps out.

You should place your media files in the public folder ( ideally in a new folder) and access them through Kodi via the Windows SMB sharing option.

I certainly can with no issues

I’m a bit late to the party now, but why not use Plex? The Shield supports it. I use Plex with the My Cloud and my TV, and it works pretty well.

Is Plex for free?

There is a free option, which I use. If you want to stream locally, then paying for it is unnecessary.

The differences between free and premium are noted here (just scroll down to the table):

It’s pretty simple to set up:

  • Create a plex account
  • Install plex server on your My Cloud (you can do this through the website or the app on your PC). Once it’s installed, set it up
  • Install plex client on your device, and sign in
  • Stream stuff :D/

Hi, I am unable to use SMB with Kodi as it says I dont have permission to access the My Cloud Home. I can access my other My Cloud NAS drives, but not the My Cloud Home. Did you have to set the permissions somehow on the My Cloud Home to gain access? If so, can you share how you did this or what you did get access via Kodi SMB? Thanks

Yup. Mine stopped working after a week. No longer shows up in Windows FIle Manager. None of the “fixes” listed on support page work. Biggest waste of money ever. $139.99 down the drain. POS

The MC Home is not a NAS, and that is the problem. Kodi, Plex etc all work fine from and to my real WD NAS.

@Tellerik … No I did not have to set any special permissions to access the public folder on my Cloud home in Kodi.

Accessing SMB shares in Kodi can be problematic at times and sometimes needs a couple of go’s…it is not the fault of the my cloud home…

For reference the screenshots below are from Kodi 17.6 installed on a minix android media hub.
I have assigned a static ip on my router for the My Cloud home ( in this example)

In Kodi file manager you should navigate to the File Manager and Browse and then select Add Network Location

Enter the ip address of your my cloud home in the Server Name and public in the Shared Folder options, then press OK

you can now see the folders I have in my public folder on my cloud home

when you re enter kodi’s file manager you will now see that you have added a new source which is your My Cloud home public folder

The problem is the KODI player, when you ADD the folder for video’s there is a setting that wants to get info from IMDB about your media files, if it cant find this info it wont show the video’s. I turned this option OFF and all my files were visible. See this image (set CHOOSE INFORMATION PROVIDER to LOCAL INFORMATION ONLY )

And all your video’s should be visible again !


sorry for the late response as for some reasons I saw the email only now. Do you still need help?