Notice: being upgraded and replaced as of August 27, 2015

FYI. To anyone wondering why they can no longer use the website. The site is being upgraded and replaced as of August 27, 2015. The mobile and desktop apps should continue to work for remote access. Below is the text from that website notification:

On August 27, 2015, WD will be upgrading and replacing with a different Web-based access system. We expect that this upgrade period will last several weeks. We will provide further updates on the availability of the new Web-based access system periodically during this time on this page.

You will not be able to use during this time. itself will no longer be available after this period.

Alternatively, you will still be able to remotely access your data using the My Cloud Mobile and My Cloud Desktop App. Your data will not be affected during this period. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Please contact our Customer Support team if you have any questions.

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Hey, maybe they need a user forum where they could announce this sort of thing.

Oh, hang on…

You’d think they’d get the replacement service ready to roll out before turning the old one off.  Or maybe a catastrophic security hole has been found; that would be the only justifiable cause for such a precipitate and disruptive change.

Thanks for the heads up, Bennor. Any mods care to post an ‘official’ sticky notice, or prod WD into doing so.

BTW, your link to the ‘website notification’ doesn’t work: it goes to a login page.

cpt_paranoia wrote:


BTW, your link to the ‘website notification’ doesn’t work: it goes to a login page.

That link and the text I posted is what I get when I went to

Why the loss of service for several weeks for an upgrade? 

Why not have the upgrade prepared before closing the original site down?

Why does it look a bit panicky?

From the outside looking in it seems something has happened to stop this service and rather than an upgrade in the truest sense this is a rip it up and start over again. In turn that  points to security issues.

What is going on guys?

could this be (fingers crossed) to replace the need for Java…!!!

It’s happening at the same time Chrome has stoppped NPAPI plug-ins (1st September) and seeing how Chrome has the largest market share of browser usage by far - maybe WD has realised most people wouldn’t be able access their clouds through if they kept with the Java interface

Just a thought.

For those of us using remote Macs we cannot upload using the desktop software nor signing on to a browser (see issues raised on other threads).  We are getting told despite it sounding fanciful our issue is tied in to this one.

We have no time frame for a resolution. Three weeks gone now tick, rock how long to go? Estimate would have been nice.

Try this