Not identified as media device

I’ve been searching for solutions for my problem for a while now, but cannot find any so I decided to make a post here.

My computer, running Windows 7 64-bit, does not recognize my WDTV Live Hub as a media device. It does however find it on the network and network sharing works fine in both directions. Also, WD Discovery does not find the device at all, although that is of little importance…I’m using ethernet cables connecting both the hub and my PC to my router.

Does anyone know how to make windows recognize the hub as a media device? Would be kind of useful to be able to stream media from PC to WDTV Live Hub using e.g. Windows Media Player…

EDIT. Not a problem anymore since upgrading to another router…

You might need to check your Windows Firewall to make sure it’s not blocked.

Already tested… Sorry about leaving that information out. Have tried disabling the firewall and unfortunately that did not change anything. And anyway, I thought since it is identified as a computer/network hdd in the network the firewall shouldn’t be the problem.

Most probably twonky is not running on your media server.  Try connecting to http://:9000 and see if that succeeds.  This seems to be a common problem with Livehub

I know this is pretty basic but make sure DLNA meda server is turned on on the Hub.

Setup - Network Settings - DLNA Media Server = ON

It does get missed by some of us :wink: