Not all videos show on the Twonky Server

When I reach out to my MY CLOUD from my computer I can see and play all of my movies that are stored there, HOWEVER if I access them via the TWONKY server, and my SAMSUNG TV only uses the TWONKY server, then I can only see a partial list of my videos. No rime or reason how they are chosen to show. Did check permission and setting on each file and the ones that are skipped have identical settings as the ones that show. Windows 10, lates updates, WDBCTL0030HWT-00 firmware 04.05.00-342. If anyone could please give me a hint as to where I can look for a solutio I would appreciate it. Thank You Tony

First step is to ensure the missing media files are supported by Twonky.

My Cloud Twonky DLNA Media Server Support

Next is to have Twonky rescan for media and if that doesn’t work then rebuild the Twonky database.

Rebuilding Twonky DLNA Media Server Database

If that doesn’t work then one can access the Twonky Administration page. Example: http://wdmycloud:9000 or http://(mycloudipaddress):9000. Go to the Advanced page and at the bottom select Clear Cache then select Rescan Content Folders. Then see if the missing media shows up.

Truly a big thank you. I tried all of your suggestions and rebuilding the database worked out as I hoped.
All is good now and all of my videos are being picked up and shown.
Thanks again