Not able to access My Cloud Mirror 1st gen dashboard

I Have Mycloud mirror 1st gen (OS3).
After the April 15th I am not able to open even the device’s dashboard through my local network. By this, I am not able even to create or delete folders on the device. It is totaly unusable.
I know that the device is not longer supported by WD, I am aware that I don’t have remote access to it over the internet, but why I am not able to access it over the local network???
This is far more than endimg of support, this is equal to locking tue device!!!
I writed to WD, ofcourse noone replied!
Very disapointed from WD!!!

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Hi @kiros,

Please be informed that Supports the removal of legacy devices (My Cloud Mirror, My Cloud EX2, My Cloud EX4) and the banner (from the setup page), which will no longer be supported as part of the OS 3 shutdown on 04/15.

  • Supports and streamlines user sign-in journey starting from directly to As part of the OS 3 shutdown, splitting of login access between OS 3 and OS 5 would no longer be supported.

i got same issue. network interface seems stopped responding. cannot use IP for access. although my router still show the address of MyCloudMirror, I cannot ping it.