Deadhorse,v10: MyCloudMirrorv1 access via, fail. 2021 07 09

OS3-Gen1 System has been up and running for years. Current F/W 2.12.127. Access via has failed since yesterday with no changes in the network settings. I have cycled power, cloudaccess, email address, and rebuilt the database, all producing no joy. While I wait for techsupport to respond, I am eager for guidance. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

I have the same problem. It seems that WD have to fix the issue.

I have the same problem.
The app MycloudOS3 works fine via WIFI on the local network.
Remote access doesn’t work
message: something went wrong
the device is powered on and connected to the internet !

sign in via PC on local network works fine
sign in via mobile : the server encountered an unexpected error…


Good day guys,
same troubles my side. I confirm all the 3 above posts.
I can get access to MyCloudMirror through home LAN only: no access through APP or from the Internet.
Any chance someone could help?
I checked all the “checkable” but nothing came up to be a valid cause for the misfunctioning.