No dashboard, no remote access

My Gen 1 MyCloud Mirror ha suddenly become inaccessible from remote locations (using either the old Myclod app or the web access) and I can no longer access the dashboard from my local network. I’ve tried power cyling the device, 5 second reset and 40 second reset but to no avail. I can access the files over my local network just fine.

Edit: I’m using windows 7 Pro x64

Any ideas?

Well, I’m coming to the conclusion that the HP MyCloud server/cloud system just isn’t viable. I have two MyClouds drives, a MyCloud Mirror and a MyCloud EX2 at different locations. They randomly won’t connect and then just show up again with no intervention (other systems on these networks are just fine). From which I conclude it’s not a setting issue, in either my networks or the dries, but the fact that they are all going through a WD “system” somewhere and that “system” is just plain unreliable. Looks like I’m going to be selling these boxes and going with QNAP or Synology.