Noob questions (network shares, themes)

I just replaced a Roku with the WD Live TV (streaming,not hub), and I love it.  I have already messed around with a couple of themes (and even thumbgen) and have it pulling content from a network share.  I am very impressed with how easy that all was to set up.

There are two main questions I have right now:

1.  When I set the WDTV to look for content on a network share, can I select individually shared folders?  Currently, it only allows me to select the “root” shared device, and every shared folder shows up.  I have shared folders with documents and other things that the WDTV doesn’t need to see, but I can’t figure out how to hide them.  Would it involve setting the permissions on the folders to not allow the WDTV to see them?  (I’d try it now, but I’m not at home)

2.  Themes.  Awesome.  I love the flexibility this device has.  My question here is related to movie sheets.  I have a mixture of TV shows and movies, and I’d like the TV “moviesheets” to show the series information, etc.  I downloaded a massive theme pack that has a bunch of TV moviesheets, but when I select them in ThumbGen, the themes I am using pull info from the XML files and the moviesheet is garbled with the jpg that has the series info and the dynamic text pulled from the XML file.  My question is is there a theme like MOJO that has a unique movie sheet template for TV shows or is there a theme that does not pull information from an XML file?  (or is there a way to “turn off” pulling information from the XML file?)  OK so that was more than one question.  :slight_smile:

Alternatively, are there any tutorials for modifying an existing movie sheet template (like MOJOs) to handle TV shows?  I read his tutorial, and can get the right plot information in the overview OK, but I’d really like it to display information like other TV moviesheet templates provide.

Thanks!  You guys have helped me a ton already!

Well, first welcome to the forum.

To answer you question.

  1. Go to Setup / System / Media Library / Media Library Manager for Network Share / Add network share to media library, then add the folder on your NAS/PC that you what to add to the Media Library.  Then press the HOME button, wait for the SMP to finish compiling and  select Videos, then press the red button on the remote and select “My Media Library”

  2. What exaclty are you looking for that the xml data doesn’t already display.   The xml data already displays the Episode Name, First Aired Date, Run Time, Overview, Actors & Director.  However, if you use Thumbgen you will have to edit the xml for some of this to display correctly because Thumbgen has not been updated yet to generate the xml data correctly.  You can see about that here:

And the moviesheet shows the TV rating, IMDB rating, the video & audio codec info & the studio info. And if you use my TV Show coverbox from here: it will display the Episode number.  So is there something else that you wish to display?

No, there are no Thumbgen Designer tutorials, which is what you need to alter the moviesheets.  I’ve been meaning to write one, but I just don’t have the time because there is so much info to cover in used TG Designer.  The best thing you can do if you want to alter a moviesheet is to download TGD, then open a moviesheet that is close to what you want and edit it.


Thanks for the quick response Tinwarble!

Adding network shares worked great - thanks for that.

As far as what I am expecting from the moviesheets, I sort of “want the world” as it were. :slight_smile:

I really like your MOJO theme, and I like how your MOJO glass sheet template pulls movie info right from the XML files for a fast update (not waiting for the JPG to show up is nice!)  Ideally, I’d like to modify that sheet to handle TV series info so things like Episode number, season, plot, etc would be displayed without having to change the XML file.  I really like the look of some of the movie sheets that render a JPG with that info in it, but I’d also like the “instant” information.  I read your post about Thumbgen not outputting that data…bummer.  But if I manually edit the XML files to add it, will your moviesheet use it?

Thanks again!

Modifying the xml doesn’t have anything to do with the moviesheet. The xml is displayed seperately from the moviesheet.

But yes, if you modify the xml the info will show up correctly.  And like I said, if you use my TV show cover box template for Thumbgen, it will display the Episode #.  Like this:

Buck Rogers - S01E01.jpg

All the rest of the info you should need, will be on either the moviesheet or displayed by the xml data.  That is unless you are looking for something special.

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Sidetrack Alert:

Ahh, Wilma Deering.   I remember running home from school to catch that show which aired at 3:30pm in syndication back before the days of Cable TV…

My childhood memory was that that show was on FOREVER.  Hard to believe there were only 37 episodes.

I know, it was a sad day for me went it went off the air.  And don’t forget Princess Ardala. I don’t think she owned a full set of clothes.:smileyvery-happy:

And most people don’t remember that the first episode was actually shown in movie theaters.

Now, if I could just find a good copy of the “Life and Times of Grizzly Adams” series.  I’ve been looking for a while for a DVD set, but since it’s now in the public domain, they’ll probably never release a DVD set.  Also, another TV show that was a movie first.

And do you remember this:


Oh, of course.  Connie Sellecca.  That series shows up on NefFlix from time to time.

Thanks for the help!  I modified your episode sheet to use the same image I was using for the cover art in the “episode box”.  For some reason, it was using the background image and I couldn’t change it.

Now, it’s just a matter of learning this well enough by looking at existing themes to start customizing them.  :)

Thanks again!