Noob confused about themes and movie sheets

Hi all - apologies for the noob questions. I’ve done lots of reading about movie sheets and themes and have a few questions if I may? I’ve got a WDTV Live streaming movie files from my PC. I use Plex Media Server and it streams very well. My question relates to getting metadata to show on the wdtv as it does on the pc with Plex - is this possible. As I understand it, movie sheets must be Downloaded and “installed” into each movie folder, but can they be used on a network or can they only work when using the wdtv live with a USB drive or external hdd? What I like about plex is it automatically updates the library with fresh metadata and cover art - again, do movie sheets have any automated functionality or is it a case of manual preparation upfront for each movie? In regards to themes, can themes be used in isolation without movie sheets or is it a matter of having to use movie sheets with any themes you wish to install? Thanks guys for any advice.


   Moviesheets and the associated thumbnail can be read across the network e.g. mine are on a NAS accessed via Powerline, as well as on a HDD connected via the rear USB port.

Moviesheets as defined by the Theme designers are in genral static items i.e. the associated XML file defines the JPG(s) to be loaded. Use something like Thumbgen to prepare the moviesheet and meta data.

Themes can be used without Moviesheets if you wish as the Moviesheet is only shown in one particular mode - gallery. However you should ensure that you assign Thumbnails to your movies/TV shows as virtually every view mode makes use of Thumbnails.

Note that if you do decide on a Theme  and create the moviesheets, Thumbgen does provide for a bulk conversion if you then later wish to try another theme.