New user share / folder questions

Hi all, i’m new to the WD TV Live having moved over from XBMC. 

I have just set up the following

Netgear NAS

WD TV Live

I have set up two NFS shares on the NAS one called TV and One called Films. Is this the best way or should I create a share Videos and then have two folders (TV and Films) in this?

When I click on Videos (is there a way to add films and TV to this bar). I then see the two shares C_Films and c_TV these have the default green folder icon and no picture. Is there a way to customise these so that I can have icons representing Films and TV.

Also is there a way to set the content of the share / folder so that WD TV live knows this is TV or Films? As I am having problems with some shows not scraping and think it may be because its using the wrong scraper. 



The shares and the appearance should have little or nothing to do with the files

I see you want to make changes to the appearance. You can check the themes forum or wait for some of the themers to chime in