No WD Apps Setup.exe file in My Passport

I bought a “My Passport” 1TB which is supposed to have the WD software for handling backups.  But when I connected the Passport to my Windows XP SP3 computer there is no software in there.  The setup instructions indicate there should be but it is not there.

There are folders in the drive which are given below.

  • .tmp
  • cache
  • extras
  • My Passport Apps for Mac

All are empty.  Also there are some files in the Passport that are not in a folder.  They are

  • .ftp_share
  • .smb_share
  • Locale

So what do I do?  Should there be a WD Apps setup or do I have to download it?

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You can download any application that comes on the drive from our website.

Try the suggestions provided on the following link: