No Vudu, Hulu, or Pandora

First of all, I hope I wrote this in the proper section of the forum.  I’m from the US and bought the device through Amazon in the US.  I just connected my new WD TV Live last night and set it up to make sure everything worked properly before giving it to my parents as a Christmas gift.  The deviced immediately asked me if I wanted to update firmware to 1.12.14 which I did.  So I can’t confirm what it had to offer on the default firmware.  As my subject title says, Vudu, Hulu, and Pandora apps/channels don’t show anywhere in the list of options.  I’ve checked numerous times and it doesn’t matter if I’m connected wired or wireless.  Also, I’ve used the reset button on the bottom of the device which didn’t change a thing.  Could someone please help shed some light on this problem?  The only thing I haven’t tried yet is reverting back to an older firmware.  Thank you for your time. 

Frustrated first time customer. 

TIghe, if you are IN the US and still don’t see the apps, it’s probably due to this:

A new, out of the box unit would also be affected.

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Thanks for that link.  That certainly would explain the issues I’m having as I am IN the USA.  I do recall receiving an error “difficulty determining location”.  I’m crossing my fingers the fix is as simple as waiting for their server to come back online. 

I cannot get to that link you displayed.  I am having the same problem a few weeks ago i had those services, now they are gone.

Do a factory restore.

Thx!  Once i do a factory restore… Do i then use the latest firmware?

Restore doesn’t affect the firmware version.  It’ll have whatever you’re using now.

Thank you.  How do I do a factory restore?

I did a factory restore.   Services still missing.

Where do you live?

I’ve got the same problem.  Did a factory restore and I still can’t see Hulu.  I live in the United States.

Saving: Whats the model number of your WD?

Same issue here - 2 brand new out of the box WDTV Live Streaming units and 2 refurb units - only one of them has Pandora and Hulu. All setting the same on each box, tried resets, tried firmware upgrades – no joy.

Any thoughtso n how to get Pandora to show up?