Netflix, Pandora, Hulu and Vudu all working w/ FW 1.10.13

I’ve read a few threads here with users having problems after the latest FW update to 1.10.13.  I, too, had problems.  I’ve only had my WD TV Live Streaming box for 2 days, but on the first day after installation and the auto FW update, I noticed that Netflix, Pandora, Hulu and Vudu were all missing.  I got worried.

Yesterday I got prepared to just try all the different suggestions I’d read here. Luckily, by simply pressing the reset button at the bottom of the box solved all my problems.  WD TV Live rebooted and everything appeared as they should.  So, before you go re-installing the FW manually, changing your network settings (really???) and whatever else is out there, try the paper clip reset.  It worked for me, and I’m a happy user now.


Nice, thanks for sharing.