Missing Hulu+/Pandora App


I’ve a weird problem, Hulu+/Pandora are gone from the app list, i know since i live in Israel i won’t be able to access some geo restricted apps but thanks to overplay now i can, the problem is that Hulu+/Pandora are no longer listed but somehow Netflix & Spotify didn’t vanish (they work perfectly).

I tried to factory reset the device (i chose US as my “current location”) but no luck (i unplugged the ethernet cable), any ideas on how i could restore them ? i remember at some point i had those apps but after a recent firmware update (i don’t remember which) they are gone.

I solved it, i just had to configure the DNS servers before i plug the ethernet cable, now i have with the latest firmware vudu/netflix/pandora/spotify/cinemanow/hulu+.