Netflix and Hulu are gone from services menu

Brand new out of the box and it wanted to upgrade firmware three times (ending at 1.09.10) The services menu only has 22 icons and Netflix and Hulu are not listed… Did factory reset … Reboot, etc… Nothing… Any ideas? Thanks, Jim

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Overall your response is not helpful so far… So let’s try this again… Which firmware? 1.09.10 - What happened? Set up brand new unit… In Florida on a US ip/domain… WD TV wanted to upgrade firmware (to 1.09.10). It did that fine. Rebooted and in the services all of the Netflix, HULU, and Pandora services are not listed anymore. I did four factory resets, and it had no effect. - What were you doing? Trying to use Netflix. - Does this happen every time? Yes, it happens every time. - What hardware and media were you using? WD TV Streaming - Did this happen with previous firmware? Don’t know… Did not get to try previous firmware. - Does power cycling the unit solve this? No… Tried hard power off, soft reset and factory reset… Did not fix problem. - Does resetting to factory defaults solve this? No - Have you tried this on other devices? Only have one device.

Where are you located?

if this happened after a firmware update it has something to do with the geo location service

try resetting the unit…

services that are not available in your area will not show

you can rollback the firmware

I am in Florida and on a mediacomm cable modem. I do have a clearos firewall with a caching dns and web filter… All else works with the wd tv, just the Netflix, Hulu and pandora… I retrograded to 1.06.xx and it works fine… It is definatley the geolocation feature, but how do I let it learn is here it is located?

Read this

Jimsahm, I live in the US and I updated to 1.09 last night and my Netflix vanished. I also use ClearOS as my gateway / firewall. Without rolling back to 1.06, I was able to get Netflix back again by stopping the web proxy service in ClearOS and doing a factory reset on the WD unit. I hope this helps.  

I just updated to 1.09 and see the same problem–Netflix, Hulu, etc. disappeared.  I’m using Comcast cable internet in Seattle so there should not be a location restriction.  This issue needs to be escalated as a high priority for WD to fix.  Defaulting to remove these apps if the location cannot be determined is completely unacceptable.  As it is now my WD TV live is once again a paperweight.  After dealing with the loss of Netflix credentials issue for months, now I can’t even see Netflix.  I’m done being a beta tester for WD with this device–it’s going in the trash and I’m just going to buy an Apple TV.

I am having the same problem in Illinois on Comcast. I downoladed 3.06.14 0n 7-27-12 and Hulu and Netflix are gone now.  How can this be fixed?