No Pandora


I do not see Pandora in my WDTV Live Hub.  I live in Roanoke, VA.  

Did you look in the Services tab? Have you updated the firmware?

In SERVICES, it’s under “All,” or “Music.”

It is not there.  

I am using the latest firmware.  Never had the chance to see if it came with it out of the box though because it updated the firmware as soon as I plugged it in.  I tried going back to the previous firmware or resetting the unit but nothing worked.  

Go to the TIME settings section of Settings, and select RESET LOCATION.

Does it correctly choose UNITED STATES as the location?  (Don’t pay attention to the timezone.  Just the location given when doing the above.)

Also, are you using a custom theme?

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That could be the problem.  The country is defaulting to blanks when I reset the location instead of UNITED STATES.  How do I make this recognize the correct location?  

No, I am not using a custom theme.

Solved!  I am using ClearOS as my gateway and this was “blocking” Pandora, Vudu, and Hulu Plus.  (Not using the last two so I did not really miss them)

Found this in the forum…

Awesome.  But keep in mind, it’s not actually blocking those services.   It’s blocking the WDs Geolocate system (you said it is blank) which “activates” those services.

i had a similar issue with Sling a few weeks ago…  It had been working for a while and then stopped working (the icon was there, just couldn’t connect) Turned out to be an OpenDNS issue.

Had me banging my head on the wall for a while.

Glad you figured it out!