Pandora for Australian users

Hi all,

Now Pandora is available in Australia again, i want to get it running on my WDTV live. I hear the app is enabled on US versions of the firmware? Is there a way for me to install the US firmware on my aussie box until its added to the aussie version?


All firmware is the same.  There’s no special firmware for different regions (with the exception of Latin America, which actually has different hardware.)

This cannot be correct.

I’ve read that services are blocked/allowed for different geographical locations. When things appear or disappear, its always after an upgrade.

I live in Sydney, Australia.

I have two WD devices - the smaller ethernet cable on version which does have Pandora, and a TV Live Streaming wireless unit which doesn’t have Pandora despite being on the latest upgrade.

I’d dearly like to get Pandora on the wireless unit as well.

How soon WD???


Im in australia with the current firmware (1.06.43)  and pandora works fine for me

ss2115 - all firmware is the same however the WD live has a geo location feature which means that it can hide / show certain services depending on its location. Pandora is there but its not shown as an icon.

I don’t think the Live / Live+  uses Geolocation.   So I’m not sure why the OP would not be seeing it, unless, of course, the OP actually has a Live SMP…

Ok, Accepted. But if its there, and Pandora is now accesable to Australians, and my other smaller WD box has it, then is there some way to extract that icon and display it or somehow access pandora on my WD Live?

ss2115 wrote:

…and my other smaller WD box has it…


Ok, are you talking about the right platform?  This thread is about the Live / Live+.   What box are YOU talking about?

But to answer your question, no, there’s no way to “extract that icon and display it.”   After all, it’s not the icon that matters, it’s the internal application.  So just displaying an icon would be worthless if the app wasn’t there with it.   And no, that app cannot be transported from one platform to the next.

I have two WD Live units.

The first one isn’t wireless - its network cable only. It does have Pandora on it and I have my account on it etc. It plays perfectly on Pandora.

I have a second WD Live which is a slightly larger box and it has both wireless and network cable. I use it on wireless. It doesn’t show Pandora on it.

They were purchased approx 12 months apart.

They both are updated whenever there’s new firmware available. ie; they are both on the current firmware.

Thats what leads me to say they aren’t all on the same firmware, or, for some reason my wireless unit is being geographically tagged while my smaller WD Live isn’t.

The older device without inbuilt WiFi does not have geo-location, the newer one with WiFi does have geo location and that’s why you don’t see Pandora.

Yeah - thats what it seems by what you’ve been saying.

So are there any earlier wireless models that don’t have geo-location I might pick up on eBay, or better to just wait for WD to catch up with their firmware?

they wont "catch up’ with their firmware as you have two completely different models.

the WD live/Live+ is the smaller box you are talking about.

It allows pandora for Australian users. This is the unit that this forum represents

The other unit you have is the WD TV live straming player which has a separate forum here

if you are having issues with the WDTV live SMP, i suggest you ask there



ss2115 wrote:

Thats what leads me to say they aren’t all on the same firmware

The original poster was talking about two different regions of firmware on the same box.   My response to him is that there are no regional variations to firmware.

Okay. Got it.

I’ve posted on the other forum I was directed to.

Hopefully will receive a reply of some sort.