No thumbnails after the "upgrade"

Hello everybody,

since I moved (I wouldn’t say upgraded…:frowning:) to OS5, photo & video thumbnails don’t show any more in my LG tv as it was usual before when navigating the dlna server (a MyCloudEX2Ultra).
I also tried to tweak Twonky (I never had the need previously) but nothing happens, I access files but for all of them a generic anonymous thumbnail is displayed, even if I rebuilt the db many times.
Thumbnails exist (I see them accessing to Twonky both from the pc and from MyCloud app) but it looks like they’re NOT transferred to the tv (as always happened…).
Let me add that I already completed the neverending indexing process…
Does anyone else face this issue?


@zaltiboy did you install and enable 'ffmpeg" for Twonky per this article?

Hi there,
many thanks for your suggestion, now thumbnails for videos started appearing again, but they’re still missing for photos… any suggestion here?