LG TV No thumbnails after OS5 update

I have an LG43UK6950 smart tv and have had no issues viewing thumbnails of photos using the OS3 software and the inbuilt photo viewer

Since I updated my MyCloud 2tb NAS to OS 5 I cannot see any thumbnails when using the inbuilt photo viewer.

My TVs upstairs which are Samsung’s and considerably older than my LG have no issues viewing the thumbnails.

I have rebuilt the Twonky server database, deleted all the photos and reinstalled them. Nothing seems to resolve this issue.

Has anyone else experienced this problem


There is a specific subforum for OS5 issues. This subforum (My Cloud OS 3 Personal Cloud Storage - My Cloud) is for the older OS3 firmware.

My Cloud OS5 Personal & Network Attached Storage

May not be relevant to photos, but there is a WD Support Knowledgebase Article on Twonky not displaying video thumbnails. Perhaps something in that article may be relevant.

My Cloud OS 5: Twonky Video Thumbnails Not Displayed


Thanks I have posted on appropriate plsce