Movie thumbnails and another improvement issue


I have problems with getting the desired effect when it comes to the DLNA server on MyCloud ex4100 os5. When I browse films, the device does not show thumbnails of films, which is very unpleasant when, a small child wants to turn on something (he cannot read it yet, but he remembers what the picture was for a given cartoon/movie)

Another problem is whether it is possible to skip the 2 steps when browsing Twonky when it comes to opening individual folders.

I think the pictures below show exactly what my problem is

Any suggestions on how to solve this


@Emobius The following article explains why and how to address media file thumbnail’s in the new version of Twonky Server.

My Cloud OS 5: Twonky Video Thumbnails Not Displayed

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thx for the reply. And yes I’ve seen the ffmpeg solution… than again I’m not so strong(like null) in terms of knowlage in terms of linux (and this is what I should look for yes ?) FFmped shows solutions for Win Mac and Linux. Can U tell me how to check which verion of linux is ran on wd ex4100 os5? On top of that I think the tar’s files are for specific processor, how to recognize that as well (I know form spec its marvel armada, but how to relate that to the ffmpeg version, there are 3 for armada am I right?


@ WDStaff Ok after closer look at topic that you mentioned there is a explenation, how to install it and what binaries are correct :slight_smile:
later today I’ll check how well does it work :slight_smile:

OK it seems to be working now :slight_smile: (not for all the files but it needs time I guess)
one point to note the first way for installing FFmped no longer seems to be a valid one (lack of parameters in the comands and even when I’ve added them no success) the second way with WinSPC did the trick for me