No support?


I’m trying to open a support case since yesterday, but each time I try I get “Service unavailable” as a result.
How come? Isn’t there any WD support ??


Hello gabriel.haziza,

If you are unable to create a support case then you can contact WD Support by phone by following the link provided below.

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Too be honest there support (if you get through)is almost non existent. They have the cheek of asking you if you are a robot at the end of the form. What should be posted at the top is you are sending to a robot. You will get no answers to specific questions and just pointed toward communities or a Fyi site. The company and there products seem to be more focused on bucks than customers who have already out their hand in their pockets. Good luck trying!

@gabriel.haziza If you call, the support agents can also check to see if there are any issues using the support portal.

@Aldo1234 If you are using email support, there should be an option to escalate your case. If you call and are not getting good support, you can also escalate to higher level support agents or a supervisor if necessary.

There is absolutely no way you can send any email requests for support as the page sends you to another page saying the service is unavailable.Climbing the walls here trying to get an answer to the fact that suddenly my MyCloudHome just suddenly disappeared from the network.

If you haven’t done so already, see the dedicated subforum for the My Cloud Home since that device had different features/options than the single bay My Cloud cloud has. Could be someone in that subfroum familiar with the My Cloud Home may be able to answer your issue/problem.