No support for subtitles


I have had my WD HD Mediaplayer for about a year now.

Everything wotks perfectly except for the subtitles.

I download them(.srt-format) and insert them in the same folder as the movie they belong to. I even name the .srt-file the same name as the movie.

The issue is that the subtitles only works about 30% of the time. The subtitles works perfectly on my computer, but my medieplayer is very often unable to recognize the subtitle. Sometime it help to delete the subtitle from the folder, and insert it again - but that’s not allways the solution. Often they never work. It doesn’t make any sence.

Anybody know a solution for this issue?

Thanks in advance.

PS. I have latest firmware.


Did you ever solve this issue? What type of subtitles are you trying to play?

One work-around would be to just embed the subs into the file.

Taking a DiVX .avi file and the .srt file and muxing it into a single .mkv file with MKVMerge only takes a minute or so on my poor old slow computer.

You don’t need to re-encode the audio or video stream (which would be time-consuming) – you just need to stuff them into a different container.

None of the manuals actually list DiVX/XviD in .mkv as a supported format, but the devices don’t know that, and they play the files back just fine.

I’m afraid not.

Still having the same issue. Over and over again.

I am using .SRT-format for subtitles.

Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

It’s very frustrating.

Thanks for your post.