No external .srt .sub subtitle support for .mkv .mp4 etc. formats WD HD Media Player!

Why stuck with only embedded ones?

It is definitely the worst thing about WD HD Media player, the 720p and 1080p mkv, mp4 files are continuously increasing every day, but I can’t understand why such a smart media player is not supporting any external subtitles other than the embedded ones in .mkv or mp4 file. Is there a way to fix this problem definitely other than, muxing any subtitles with various softwares, this is quite impractical and the subs are passing so fast, and different character formats are not supported quite uncomfortable. Please inform me about this issue, I am seriously thinking to start using another media device.

I’ve never had a problem like this before.  Are you making sure the subtitles have the same exact name as the movie?

Definitely with the same name as;


Actually it works fine through an attached external harddrive but with wireless sharing (both on windows xp and windows 7 - 64 bit), the device does not see the subtitles. The folder indeed is same works only when copied to the external harddrive, on the other hand subtitles do not work through wireless sharing.