No sound after switching in AVI and other things

Hi there. I bought a WD Elements Play here in Germany and I am nearly perfectly satisfied. There are still some things that do not fit: First, and I think thats a real bug, when I try to switch to a second audio channel in an avi (both channels mp3) the sound stops. There is no sound, but I know the second audio channel is there. When switching back, there is still no sound. I think thats a real fat bug. :frowning: Second, I would like to have an option to disable preview in list-mode and have a wider area for showing the filenames instead. I don’t like the preview, some information on the files are ok, but no previews. Third, I would like to have an option or somehow the ability to view more information about the files (framerate, resolution etc.) Beyond these points I am a satisfied customer. :slight_smile: Regards, Mnemonic

Have you updated to the latest firmware avilable?

Also, you can post your Ideas in the “Ideas Labs” this way the WD Staff will review them for possible implementation.