No Photos Found on wdphotos accessing MyBookLive - after firmware update

I can not view any of the jpeg photos I have saved on public/shared pictures folder. Only no photos found each time I try to refresh connection to the my book live NAS. WD 2 GO works ok. I don’t think there is any process going on since it has been 24 hrs since I installed it and still no pictures showing up. I do not have a MIOnet account setup previously so it may be related to that. Please confirm and advise any solution to first time WD photo user. Thanks a lot.

If you turn Remote Access “Off” and then “On” under the My Book Live Dashboard > Settings > Remote Access, do you start seeing photos?

If not, please send me a PM with your contact information (including E-Mail address) and we’ll set up a troubleshooting session.

Thanks! That fixed it.

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As of this am Feb 1, the “no photos found” message is back

Dear all, I have the same problem with my MBL accessing pictures from my IPAD with WD photos. I can’t open folder containing pictures from my Ipad, it continues to open folders on and on but never reaches picture files.

Any solutions?

Thank you for your help.

Alexcuciz, make sure you have enough free space for the WD Photos cache to store photos. It will not display empty folders, so the database sees those folders as populated.

I am experiencing the same issue on both wdphotos and wd2go

I have rebooted, disabled and enabled remote access and rebooted again, still no files or photos.

I input activation code in my iPad for WD Photos and different code for WD 2go and after that both apps give me an error “WD Photos not connected to internet (-1009)”.  What am i doing wrong?

I have no access to my pictures using WD Photos, it says no photos found

WD go still works fine.

Firmware updated, turned off remote access and back on no go.

I even tried t used your rebuild database, that errors out.

Why is this software and ty always so flaky? It has never just worked perfectly.

I have had it for a year.

I have the same problem on first connection after set up?