WD Photos - Can't find the device (701)

I have the 3TB My book live drive and an iPhone 4. I upgraded the the newest firmware last night, got the wd photos app and input the access code and successfully connected my phone to the drive and was able to view pictures. It is still updating though as all the pictures on The drive arent showing up. The problem is sometimes when I check the pictures to see how far along it is it gives me the can’t find device (701) error. Anyone know what is causing this? Thanks.

WD Photos generates a 701 error when there is no external URL to your My Book Live.  If your  My Book Live loses external network connection (i.e. internet access), the URL is removed from the DNS server.  Also if you disable remote access, the URL is also removed.

Do you know if you are connected via relay or direct? You can see this in your settings…remote access tab. It shows connection type. Also, just in case can you double check if you have a solid network connection.

How’s does this help us with a fix?

My drive is online, I can access it using the wd2go app, but it will not work with the wd photo app. Both the iphone and ipad do the same thing.

Now what?

I ask about relay/direct wondering if it’s switching between the two. During the flip between the connections you would be down. I happened to have an old netgear router that had some upnp issues where sometimes it would fail to open the port causing it to go into relay.

The fact that wd 2go works and photos doesn’t is strange as they both are making similar requests. Is the wd 2go also running in the WAN (e.g. disable wifi and try on your carrier’s network)?

Give support a call, and we can monitor your connection and then direct the issue to either the mobile or remote access group. I’ll alert them of this issue.

Sorry for the trouble you’re having.

I am having exactly the same problem - it’s the first time of using WD Photos from my iPad2, I enter the access code fine (but it’s frustrating having to go back for a new code every time I want to try to log in - seems crazy and it’s driving me mad!) and the “first time startup” bar appears, it reaches almost to the end and then I get the “Can’t find the device. (701)” error message. Why does this have to be SO hard?

After having the same problem for a day, I tried opening my router page and looking at and refreshing attached devices.

This took care of the issue,you might have to let it try {First time setup} a couple of times with out going back for new activation code. It has worked on my Iphone and Ipad. One quick note on this I also shut down and restarted the router before refreshing device list.

I hope this helps.