IPad : Can't Find The Device (701) error message

I have recently purchased a 1Tb MyBook Live, and have installed it ok. I downloaded the WD Photo app which is working fine on my HTC Desire cell phone and iPhone 3, I can see all my photo folders etc. However, I can’t get the app working on my iPad 1 (running iOS 5.0.1). I enter the activation code, but when I click on the the drive it goes into First Time Setup, then I keep getting an error saying Can’t Find The Device (701). On the MyBook Live dashboard it just sits there waiting for the activation code to be entered on the iPad, even though this has been done. I’ve tried multiple times to delete the code that doesn’t work, generate a new one, re-installing the App, re-booting the MyBook Live and wireless router, everything I can think of. Any ideas?!

Hi dude, try to contact Batra or SatyaFromWD and see if they have any suggestion.