Ipod can't find device (701}

Have set up WD Photos on my ipod. I am connecting to WD Live Hub Media Player. I have gone through the set up process and received activation code. I can see the Live Hub on my ipod, and my TV shows mobile device waiting. When I tap on the ipod, it goes to first time set up, but always returns to can’t find device {701}. I press OK on my remote when showing mobile device waiting on the TV, but nothing happens. This is well frustrating. What am I doing wrong?

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support


Tried this on Thursday. They seem to be struggling to solve this one. They have escalated this, and I have a log number. The guy I spoke to could not solve it, so I’m waiting for them to get back.

Hi there, what was the outcome on this? o.o

I experience the same issue with my iphone and ipad. Would appreciate someone’s help here. thanks.

Hi, No solution so far. WD don’t seem to have an answer. Gone on that long I’ve just given up on it.

Anyone had any joy with this error? 

Am disappointed there is no solution been proposed by WD. 

One of the main reasons for choosing the hub was the ability to use this app with both iphone and ipad.

No one any ideas?

I’ve found a solution that works for me, WD Photos now works on both the iPad and iPhone. Delete any existing connections you might have created with the WDTV live hub by clicking edit and delete. Turn off wifi on your device. Then open wd photos app again using 3G connection and go thru the add mobile device process, and put in the activation code in the iPad or iPhone. Once you click connect now and then click on the picture of the hub it will then go through first time setup and should then connect to the hub. You should also see on the hub’s menu screen that the iPad and/or iPhone are now connected. When you have done this process once you can then reconnect via wifi and it should work. If like me you only have a wifi iPad but also have iPhone 4 or later then use iPhone via wifi to create personal hotspot and then connect the iPad to that and it still works. After scratching my head over this for ages it finally works, hope my efforts also help others.