Iphone/ipad 701 error message


Hi there!

I’m using WD Photos on iPad (iOS 5.0.1) and trying to connect it to my WD MBL f/w ver MyBookLive 02.03.01-024 : Core F/W. Each and every time I generate an activation code on WD MBL and enter it on iPad or iPhone 4, I get 701 error code - the device is not found.
I’ve been using WD Photos before and it worked pretty well. Then I gave up for some time, upgraded iOS to 5.0 and WD MBL f/w to the latest, so I cannot be sure what is the main cause of incorrect behavior - iOS or WD MBL or something else.

I’ve seen a similar concern in adjacent thread with no solution though. Could one help me?

Support is keeping silent on this for 2 days already.


I was in IOS 5.0 and was having a similar issue, I just deleted the WD Photo, restarted the Ipad and reinstalled the WD Photo App (also restarted the My Book Live) and it work.


Reinstallation did not help. WD2Go works though…