WD Photos and the iPad

I have tried just about everything I can think of and I cannot get my iPad to display photo’s from my WD MyBook LIve (WDBACG0020HCH-NESN)  however I can view them on my PC if I log into MioNet. When I log in to the WD Photos application on the iPad I get a “No devices were found” message. Any ideas? Thanks!

iPad 3.2.2

WD Photos 1.1.1

MyBookLive 01.03.03



Hi there, what if you try to reinstall the app and to try to check the if the iPad is not recognizing the Mionet account?

If you are seeing a “No Device Found” message in WD Photos after attaching your My Book Live to your MioNet account, you may need to change the Remote Access settings on your Public folder within the drive’s interface page.

  1. Login to your My Book Live’s interface page (Default:  http://mybooklive). If you have renamed your drive, you will need to use the new name instead of mybooklive.
  2. Navigate to the Shares menu
  3. Select the Public folder
  4. On the right, see if the MioNet Remote Access option is checked.
     a. If it is checked, uncheck it and click Save at the bottom. After it saves, check it and Save it again.
     b. If it unchecked, check it and press Save at the bottom.
  5. Open WD Photos again. You should now see your drive.