Viewing photos & videos on IPad

In WD Photos app (IPad ) no photos found. Tech support
Cannot seem to fix the problem. All usual/normal
procedures have been checked.

If your network drive is a My Book Live, please create a WD Photos Support Ticket. If it is a My Book World (White Light) or ShareSpace, please make sure you are using the latest MioNet version ( for the My Book World, for the ShareSpace).

If you do not see any “MioCrawler” information in the logs on your My Book World/ShareSpace, please reinstall MioNet:

How do I create a WD Photos Support ticket???

You can create a support ticket from here:

Support ticket submitted.

Hi Chazz,

If it’s not too much trouble, can you also detail the issue to the forum? What drive you have, how many photos in Shared Pictures, version of app, etc.? Did first time setup complete. Laura may post the solution here to benefit the group too.